Thursday, April 30, 2009


Did u know that u steal my heart away? And did u know that u break my heart too??

Well... You wouldn't know but let me tell you now.

I felt really really bad yesterday but thank God today I felt better.
Now i've already decided, i'll take you out of my mind!
The past is the past, let's say bye bye to them!!

Yay, will be going home later. Can't wait to go home now. My sister told me there's some changes at my home, n she said it's funny. Did i hear funny? Lol.. I wonder why she felt funny for that. Haha.. Gotta go. Bye!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life is short

My friend told me she found a website which it's kinda 'interesting' and guess what? The website is I was freaked out when she told me that. Who on earth is it to do weird things like that? oh goodness.. Well, enough of that.
In business class today, my lecturer taught us about something which is more important than business studies, it's about our life. He lectured in the college for about 9 years already and every 2 years, someone that is around him will die, either the students or the students' parents. Then i asked him whether anyone passed away this 2 years? Cause i'm afraid i might be the one. Who knows? Nobody knows what will happen to them in the next minute, only God knows. I just wanna say that life is short. You'll never know when are u or the people around u will leave this world. So, appreciate the people around you, especially your parents, love and respect them. Be courteous to everyone. Give a smile to the people around you, you might make their day better and you'll feel good too, i'm sure.
hmm... i love my feelings now. I don't really know how it'll be. I longed for happy moments to happen in my life. Will it happen to me? I don't know.. I'm longing for that day to come.. =)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life in Penang...

Well.. It's been a month i'm in penang but i feel like i'm here for a year already! Oh goodness.. Aikz.. how's penang life? hmmm.. okay i guess, better than in kl.. Just tell u about my life in penang. I live in an apartment which is about 15 minutes away from my college. Gotta walk for 30 minutes a day, hmm, a good exercise for me. I have 2 dear roommates, they are both indians, Thivyaa and Malaa. I thought it'll be hard for me to mix with them at first but now, we get along so so well. Haha.. Always tease and play with one another, we cook together too. They wouldn't let me to cook cause they said that i'm not good at it, so i just be the 'cutter'. Haha.. I enjoyed eating indian food anyway. Hees.. Life would be boring without them. Lol..
My class. I'm taking a-levels humanities and i have a bunch of friendly classmates. Our class is kinda small. I have 3 lecturers, and one of them often tell dirty jokes which i don't really get it sometimes. Well, only the guys get what he said. Lol.. I joined the cf here, they're called the soaring eagles, nice name. The people in cf are friendly too, and i feel a little bit like home there compared to anywhere else in penang.
Yay, will be going home this thursday! Can't wait for that day to come. Lol.. I know penang is not very far away from ipoh, but still, home is the best place for me. People out there is too complicated, you wouldn't know who will treat u truthfully but your family members will always love you and treat you the best, although arguements will happen sometimes.
Hmm.. little things about me. Well, there's someone affecting my feelings. Someone that i know but i don't really know who 'it' really is, the real 'it' i mean. Well, i think i gotta take 'it' out of my mind.
That's all for now. Gotta go to class now. Oh gosh, tomorrow got exam! Aikz.. Hope i can do good or at least pass. Lol.. Wish me good luck.. =P

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hmmm... well, i thought of blogging quite a long time ago and now i did it! Phew.. finally.. just some intro today.. will blog again some other day.. Hees.. =P