Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Tick tock

It's going to be end of September 2009 in 2 weeks time. Whoa, time flies. That means my trial and my major exam are just around the corner. I could still remember the first day i stepped into this small island of the country where I knew no one, and was a stranger on the island. Today in two months time, I'll be at home, saying ann-yeong to the small island, and also missing my beloved friends and lecturers that I met here. Well, I could say that there is no life in this small island without them.

Going to have a week break next week which is the raya holiday week and my study break at the mean time. AHH?! Trial is just less than 2 weeks away? You must be joking. Oh no. And the craziest thing about my trial is :

1 day = 4 papers
1 paper = 1 hour and 30 minutes = 3 essays (30 minutes for one two-paged essay)
That means, on that particular day :
4 papers = 1 hour and 30 minutes x 4 = 6 hours
4 papers x 3 essays = 12 essays
The conclusion is I have to write 12 essays in 6 hours time.
This is crazy, really really crazy.

There is so much to write and so much to remember and I'm wondering if I can finish everything on time. Oh well, I want to have a better memory but how? I have just 250gb of memory but the things I have to study is much more than that! I think I have to buy one external hard disk. Haha. I know it's not funny. =.=' Okay, nothing much to say now. Gotta go search for my external hard disk.

ann-yeong shi-ro yeo

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Death was so close

After the class today, Joanne and I was wondering where to have lunch. The canteen in college was closed today, nearby didn't have anything to eat as it was already late in the afternoon. Well, at last we decided to go to prangin mall to have lunch at sushi king. After taking a bus, there was still a distance that we need to walk to go there. As we were walking, we walked pass the big bus station, we talked happily at the same time too. We were walking behind the buses and out of a sudden, the bus we were walking behind suddenly reversed! I was very near the bus and when I realized the bus was actually reversing, my reaction was to use my hand to cover myself up. You can imagine that. The bus was reversing quite fast and it actually knocked my hand. I could really feel the ohm. Thank God I was fast enough to avoid from being really knocked down by the bus. Joanne was dumbfounded. All I knew that her heart was beating very fast. This came so sudden and we both did not know how to respond. So we just walked away and head to where we planned.

When we were having our lunch, I was thinking, thinking a lot. If it wasn't my hands, the bus will knock me on my head and body. If we were one step or one second behind, I think we will end up under the bus. We might get injured or to the worst, lost our precious lives! In that split of second, I thought I would get seriously injured or maybe die.

I thought I will never see the sun rise and rose again.
I thought I can never breathe.
I thought I will never have the chance to see my beloved ones and tell them I love you.
I thought I can never get to meet the one who's meant for me and my future little kids.
I thought I will not have the chance to be a dedicated wife and mother.
I thought I can never feel myself again.
I thought....

There were too many things in my mind that time. I did not dare to think again.

Thank God that I am breathing now and also I am able to see things around me. Nobody knows what is going to happen next. Death may arrive anytime. It is definitely a big big gift if we can wake up tomorrow from our sleep. So, do appreciate every single thing now. Do things that you should do so that we have no regrets later. Love the people around you especially your parents as you love yourself so that you will feel loved too. Hate no one cause it will only makes you suffer. Give thanks to the Lord always. Respect people like how you want them to respect you. Enjoy your life to its fullest. Less complaints from you will make your life better. Accept criticisms as they will help you to be a better person. Always think positively as you will live happier.

Yesterday is the history
today is a gift,
and tomorrow will be a mystery.