Thursday, November 19, 2009

Does Love really matter?

Based on the question above, what’s your answer?

I took a long time to think about it, and what’s my answer? You will know soon.

I have seen or heard of many real life stories about relationships. Some did melt my heart, some made me think very hard.

Why do people get into a relationship?

Is it because they love each other?

Or they get into relationships because they do not want to be single?

Maybe it is a must for us to find a life partner and have our own family?

Someone told me that, in a relationship, love is not the issue. When I heard that, I was like… what? Didn’t people get into relationship because they love each other? I was dumbfounded and I thought deeply about what she said. After all, she was not completely wrong. You see, some people get into a relationship then they finally get married, believing that they will live happily ever after. Later on, they have kids and family of their own and so on. But unfortunately, something happened between them. It is sad to say that the feeling of love that they had has vanished. However, they are still living together under one roof, sleeping on the same bed (maybe separate ones), living their own lifestyles, doing whatever they want without caring their another half and only communicate when it comes to the issues of their children. Some of them choose divorce as a solution to this problem. In this case, it has shown that love is not the issue anymore in a relationship but responsibilities.

On the other hand, for the people who are in relationships, of course, they do hope to be together forever. But what if breakups happen? Actually what really cause breakups to happen between couples no matter how long both of them have been together? Is it because they don’t love each other anymore? Or the girl could not stand the bad habits of the guy? Or one of them said they are not meant to be together? Maybe the guy has fallen in love with another girl. There are so many answers to this. Everyone has their own answer. But the question I was thinking is, why love couldn’t remain the same throughout the relationship, hold both of them together tightly and prevent any party to get hurt? I am confused. Love is complicated.

Whatever it is, it is love that brings the two persons together. And I bet everyone that is in love will have great and memorable moments with their loved ones, and will endure every moment no matter it is difficult or easy together.

Actually, it is your choice whether to make love exist between both of you until the end. You yourself have to make effort in it. I believe love is strong and it will conquer all.

Nevertheless, I know that there is love which is everlasting. It is the love from our Father in heaven. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16.

So, does love really matter?

My answer is, yes, it does really matter to me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life in the Island

After I ended my national service officially, I was busy checking out in educational fairs. I really did not have a sense of direction at that time and I went to the fairs just because I knew I had to. I did not know where to head to, did not know what things were really about, did not know what course to take, totally in a blur case. I did not really remember how things go but somehow I just signed up for the a-level course in KDU College (don’t ask me why because I did not have a clue how I end up signing up the course. Weird huh?) and I was informed that class is starting in less than a week time when I signed up. I was like… what?! I did not really have a good rest after the national service and there I had to leave again. Sigh. Anyway, the decision made was quite sudden to me but I had no choice.

And so, on the 28th of March 2009, I was brought to the sort of beautiful island, Penang by my parents and my uncle. After having breakfast with them and bringing me to the hostel to settle things down, they just left because they were in a rush, leaving me alone behind in this new and strange place. Of course, I was kind of afraid as I was a stranger there where I had to start things all over again, and yes, it’s again. And I know nobody there that time. I was totally alone. The first week here was superb hard to get through, it was like I had been here for months although it was only a week. By the way, the studies here was not that easy though.

I still remember for the first few weeks here, I only had Gossip Girl series as my companion. Haha.. ‘They’ were my darlings! I did not know how I could survive here without them at that time. Slowly, I got to know some people here. Indeed, not all the things go well for me at first. There were some problems happening in my hostel. There was theft in the room I was living in. That time I was completely pissed off with what was happening because I’m one of the victims. I put my ass off the other stuffs that did not really concerned about me and which was so effing idiot (I don’t know what other words to use). I’m not minding other people’s business in this house not because I’m selfish or whatsoever but if you knew what actually happened, you would not want to care about it too. So I just be good and same to everyone. And this made me survive until now.

However, I did meet some really good and nice friends here though. Most of them are my classmates. I got really close with them like no others, especially my dears, JNJ (you know who you are =D). I really thank God that I met them here. Life would be not the same without them. After going through up and downs, the happy and the sad moments, the hard and the easy, and instead, everything with them, I have a strong bond and chemistry with them although the time we know each other was not that long. And now, I still could not believe that we will be apart from each other REALLY soon. I hate saying goodbyes. But we are still going to keep in touch right? Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you girls. You all really made my life here and I would like to apologize if I have done anything wrong or maybe said something that hurts and made you pissed off. Thanks for accepting me for who I am as your friend, thanks for being such wonderful friends, just thanks for everything and lastly, thanks for leaving such a good and beautiful memory in my mind. I will cherish every moments that we spent together. You girls are my besties ever! Muackz!

Tomorrow, 12th of November 2009, I will be leaving this place. For good? Hmm, I am not so sure about that then, it depends whether things go smoothly or the other way round. I really do hope that everything will go fine. And I realized one thing, time flies without waiting for you, like the flowing river and it will never turn back.

I will just keep the good memories in my mind, throwing all the bad and unhappy ones into the sea. Ann-yeong, Penang and people.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Night to Remember

Had a great night out Ronald & Tsu Lim, and not forgetting my dears, Nora & Joanne. =)

It's really great to meet this couple here. They are very nice people. Thanks for the sharing of your great love story which I love it so much. Thanks for sharing the story of your life and of course, the treat for our dinner. Haha.. I enjoyed the food very much.

And I sure will miss you guys much when I leave penang. Wish you guys all the best. Can't wait for 111111 to come! LoL.. Don't worry, I will not forget to save 20 cents a day from now. Hahaha..