Friday, December 18, 2009

When you...

When you called, I did not know how should I feel.

When you were standing in front of me, I could not believe that it was true.

When you looked into my eyes, I could see my image in your sparkling eyes.

When you smiled, I really wanted to tell you how sweet was your smile.

When you were playing around, I felt confused because I was not sure whether you mean the things that you had said.

When you were talking, I was listening, trying to remember each and every word that you had said.

When you were silent, I doubted, because I could not read your mind.

When you sighed, I felt bad because I did not know what was really bothering you and that I could not help you out.

When you were angry, I smiled through my heart, hoping that it would flush away your anguish.

When you were sad, my ears and shoulders were always at the standby mode and I would give you the warmest hug ever to make you feel better.

When you were serious, I was afraid there was something happened that could change us.

When you were right by my side, I felt so regret that I did not appreciate the moments.

When you were far away from me, I realized that I missed you and I could not tell how much I had been missing you.

When you were always on my mind, I tried to keep myself busy so that I did not have time to think about you.

When you were not beside me, I really hoped that I would always be in your mind, at least once every minute.