Monday, March 22, 2010

Super Junior 2010 Super Show 2

Back to few months ago, my sis kept bugging my dad to let her go to Super Junior's concert, but my dad refused. However, a week before the concert, she got the chance to win tickets to the concert and she won 2 VIP tickets! Oh my. Going to the concert it's what she had been wanting. How about the other ticket? Ngek ngek, I'm the lucky one who got to go with her. XD We always love k-pop.

The V.I.P tickets.

There were so many many people when we reached the stadium. Everyone was queuing up to get into the stadium. The queue was darn longg. We thought we too had to queue up but that's not what we thought. We searched for the entrance for vips, thank god there is no need for us to queue up. Then the ushers there brought us to a nice waiting room where there were foods and drinks to serve us. How nice.

In the waiting room.

Anyway, I could only describe the concert with two words, it was FREAKING AWESOMEE!! The stage, the lightings, the sounds, the base, the FIREWORKS, the backgrounds, the videos, etc. I was totally amazed. The SJ's member are indeed gorgeous in pictures, videos or on the screen, how then, if they were standing right in front of my eyes. *faint* The fans were shouting non-stop when their idols appeared. Cut it short, everyone was HIGHH! Yeah, me too of course. =P But not to the crazy extent. One of the fans, which was sitting in front of me cried when she saw her idol. I was like, "Is she really crying? Oh goodness.". The concert lasted almost 3 hours, only. Sigh. How I wish it was longer so that I could enjoy more. But I'm satisfied, anyhow. =)))

Dancing Sorry, Sorry.

They're melting hearts.

Kyuhun!! The hottest baby. Aww.. He was the one standing right behind me during the opening!!

Yesung, the one with a great voice and looked even more handsome in person.

Few of them, were imitating their juniors which are girls. It was funny. LoL.

Leeteuk, the leader who always with a charming smile. He's so kind. =))

Siwon, the living work of art. His muscles. *faint*

They were playing water guns at the end of the concert.

These pics are only part of it. For more pictures, they are all in my sister's facebook. But she's only uploading them now. =.=

I will never ever forget the great moments. I really really enjoyed. Aww.. I'm missing it, TONSS! I guess I should stop here. If not, I really can write pages about it but I don't want to make your eyes tired. LoL. Tata ~


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Girls absolutely adore about Boys. (Boys will be boys!)

1. Need not fear when a boy is near, because he's your best cookie jar opener!

2. The little boy in them that never grows up.

3. They can lift things, such as heavy grocery bags or us, girls for piggy back rides.

4. That strange and unique ability to be such goofballs even in the most stressful situations.

5. Boys can bring you back to earth, when your emotions are running amuck.

6. All you need to do is fill his tummy, and you'll never have to worry.

7. Their multipurpose shoulders which look great in shirts, make good pillows in the cinemas and hankies when you're in tears.

8. Boys are excellent cockroach killers! (except for my dad. oh never mind, he's not a boy anymore)

9. They will never ask how fat they look in those pair of pants.

10. How small your hands look in theirs.

11. It's awesome how they never seem to notice a bad hair day. (unless you point it out)

12. That amazing practical outlook that makes impossible situations seems doable.

13. The way they smell. Maybe not after a basketball game, but like after a shave! *sniff*

14. How they love protecting us, even if it's just from a busy street.

15. Those attempts they make at fixing things around the house.

16. The comfort of their arms that can wrap around you so nicely.

17. The look they've got when they're in love. <3 *tear*