Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Angry Daddy

The clinic was so packed early in the morning. People just walk in and out of the clinic, just like a shopping centre. Well, this clinic was a bit extraordinary because it does not sound like a clinic. Usually, the environment of a clinic should be quiet and calm, giving the patients and staffs there a peaceful feeling. But this clinic is like a market, or even worse. Everyone starts to speak louder every time because they could not even hear themselves. Sometimes, it is very hard to stand those environments.

There was this man, carrying in his hands his 1 year old little son to come and consult doctor that morning. The staffs all were busy doing their jobs. Patients sitting in the waiting hall, some with patience and some without patience, waiting their names to be called. I was so busy walking here and there, answering phone calls and did not realize the man was there. I usually will notice if there were babies who came along with their parents, because they are way too adorable for me not to notice them.

After some time, I finally notice the baby boy in his daddy arms whose his daddy was standing in front of the counter there, with an angry expression on his face. He started to make noise, asking why the nurses were not calling his name after asking for a special permission to see the doctor first. He raised his voice till every staff just stopped their work and looked at him. I was one of the staff who had to face his questions since I was at the desk and I did not know what actually happened. He started to scold us and continue saying that, "You don't seem to understand! My boy is a special boy, I can't wake him up once he is asleep!" in a very rude way. He kept repeating the sentence, "You don't seem to understand!" with the finger pointing at us. Normal people would feel very offended. The staffs were so mad for the way of the words that came out of his mouth and the finger pointing action. Everyone thinks he was unreasonable.

After he scolded us, he turned to his baby boy and kissed him on the chubby face before he turned to us and shoot us again. In the mean time, I saw the boy. He has big eyes and he is so adorable, playing with his fist in his mouth, smiling so widely and did not know what was happening around him. And yeah, he is a bit special, in other words, he is a down-syndrome baby. Suddenly, I realized that he acted like an impolite man was to prevent people to look down on his baby boy and also himself for having a down-syndrome baby. What the man was doing was to protect his son from everything that can hurt him. But I did not look down on him and his son, so did the other people.

Well, the truth was, the nurses did call his name, for a few times. There were no answer because the daddy was at outside of the clinic, carrying the crying baby. He did not want the cries of his boy to fill the clinic which would make everyone pay more attention on them. You know the cries of a baby. But once he came in, he started his unreasonable business which made everyone so mad at him.

I was really mad at him at first, but after seeing how the angry daddy looked into his boy's eyes and kissed him, I was moved, a little. He did not care how he spoiled his image in front of everybody, he did not care how people think about him. All he cares about was the beloved son in his arms.

I forgot how mad I was, and I would not blame him for what he has done, even though he was very rude.
He is a great daddy, that is all I know. =)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just that moment

Wonderful moments do not stay forever, even for seconds or a minute. Nobody will know whether it will be the same, or not in the next second. Nothing stays forever, huh. Sometimes, it is just sad to see wonderful moments just happen in that split of a second. But think back, I should be grateful it happened, even though it is just a while. It is because I know, wonderful things do not happen every second, every minute...

It was the moon that caught my attention, it is the moon that I love so much, which brightens up the whole city, the not so bright moon but a romantic one. How I wish, I was at the top of the mountain that time, enjoying the moonlight and the shining stars with my loved one. But the moon that I love changed, changed back to the ordinary one, which is not special to me anymore after a while. I was naif, thought it will still be there, unchanged. After I know that wonderful moments do not stay, it was too late.

And I realize one thing, is that wonderful moments really do stay, even forever, but only in my memories. The moon can still brightens up the dark nights, like the sun brightens up the days but the only difference to me is... the moon is always there with us, no matter it is day or night.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Back for Good?

It has been ages since I updated my blog all because of no internet connection and... do not have any inspiration, maybe? Fine, I will cut it short, I am lazy. Laziness can really kill a person's life, future and everything that is related. I hope I can chase it away from me and to be a determined person.

Things got so rocky in my life in the past few weeks. There were so many things undecided and I really did not know where to head to. Only a few know what really happened to me. All I can say is, everything did not go the way they should go and I did not expect that to happen to me. Not only on a particular matter but it is all about work, relationships, friends, studies and other emo stuffs.

Thank God, with the help of few people, things slowly to get resolved one by one, but not all. Still, I am grateful to those who helped me and encouraged me. My future seems to be so blur, but I know I got to move on, since I have chose this path at the very beginning. And I know He has planned everything for me and I shall have faith in Him.

On the other hand, I could feel that I do not belong to somewhere, somewhere that I thought I belong there. This really makes me feel bad sometimes and I am indeed disappointed. Maybe things have changed, you changed, I changed and everyone changed. I really thought of going some other places, where everybody does not know me and start a new foundation. New life brings new hope. :) And I hope I will find somewhere that I really belong to one day.

I need a change in me so badly. I should have said, 'I must and can do...' instead of 'I hope I can...' and I shall do things before anyone asks me to do so. I must learn to be more determined, disciplined and patient. Not forgetting, I can make the word 'lazy' to disappear in my dictionary!

But I just want to let you know that, there is something that will not change, something between you and me. :)