Sunday, November 21, 2010


I was wondering... Do you still remember what you promised? Well, I did not forget the time when you asked me the question and I happily answered, 'Yeah, sure! Why not? I would love to!'.

I was happy when I received your first text which I never expect. We just had a short chat but to me, it means that you thought about me. And... I would like to know you more.

Maybe that was not a promise. I just thought that it was and then only I realized that I was wrong. And do you know that I was waiting for your call? It is okay if you do not know, cause I am used to waiting. I hope I was not 100% wrong.

Promises. It is easy to promise but it is extremely difficult to perform for most of us. The promisor tends to forget what they promise but the promisee could hardly forget the promise made by the promisor. I would not say that I fulfill all the promises that I made but I tried my very best to perform all that I promised. No one likes people who breaks promises. But for those who keep promises, I really appreciate it. And I am challenging myself not to break any promises because I know that people would be hurt if I do. I rather I am the one to be hurt than hurting anyone else. I am not boasting or whatsoever, and if you want to think it that way, I don't give a hoot.

p.s : This is really a random post.

p.p.s : From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for those who keep their promises. You know who you are. :)

p.s.p.s : I got my blog a new song (I love it!) and a new look but did not have the patience to make it better.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Because Tomorrow Comes

See how the gently fallen snow melts in my hand.
Disappearing until nothing is left... like it was never there.

Doesn't it seem like the most important things are the most fragile one?
We can't hold onto them, they just drift away quietly.

In a corner of the universe, far far away, the two of us met by chance.
This feeling, I want to call it a miracle. And I want you alone to know.

But I'm not good at saying what I really want to say.
Wandering, searching... That's how I've lived.
Now I think I've found my one and only light.
But if I try to pursue it, it will only run away.
The future is so undecided.

While stopping along the way over and over again, we've shared smiles and tears alike.
You and I have made this journey. And that's the only truth of which I am certain.

When the rain falls, I'll be the umbrella that covers you.
When the wind blows, I'll be the wall that shields you.
And how deep the dark of the night is, tomorrow will surely come.

The flowers that bloom in spring, and the sandy beaches of summer.
An autumn evening and a sunny spot in the winter.
Although many seasons come and go, our prayer will transcend even in time and space.

Far away, in a corner of the universe.
Far away, I think about you.

I want to tell only you...
that tomorrow will surely come.

Tears dropped on the letter when she read what he wrote for her. All the memories they had was flashing in her mind. She whispered to herself, 'It is a miracle.. but why don't miracles happen again?'. She couldn't do anything but cried even harder, because she knew that there is no more tomorrow for him and for them. But she knew she has to live on for him because tomorrow comes - those were the last words that he told her.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hold my hands

I am feeling insecure and having nightmares just made me feel tired all day. And yea, I am afraid. Do not ask me what I am afraid of, cause there are just too many things for me to think about it. Gahh, mixed feelings. Well, maybe not that many, just one or two for now.

Somehow, only at this time, when I feel down, feel so hopeless, restless, I thought of Him.
And I feel so bad about it. I am sorry.

I am afraid to walk alone along this journey. Would You please hold my hand, and walk beside me? I need You to be with me so that I will feel secure and know that You will be there to hold me whenever I fall.

Here, I ask for Your forgiveness and one more thing, bring me back to You. This is what I ask for.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

An unforgettable day

I have changed the song. Oh well, this song makes me happy without any reason. Ah, I feel good and young listening to this song, I mean younger.
(I am not old at all, LOL)
This song is from SHINee anyway, maybe this is the reason I feel young. XD

It is an OST, from a new korean short drama, Haru. U-know and Kimbum are in the drama! Woots! Hot hot!! Big Bang too.
I guess it will be a pretty nice one. :D

Hope the song will make your day. Enjoy!

Oh btw, I finally found what I want without any clues!!

p/s : Actually I have one, which is his voice. :)


Monday, November 1, 2010

Right or Wrong?!

Please do not think that you are right, all the time, because you are totally wrong with that.
You might think that others are wrong but it does not prove that you are right and it does not mean that they are wrong. I bet they know what is right and what is wrong, don't ever try to judge for them. Silence does not make them wrong too. They have their own thoughts in their mind, don't you ever worry about it.

Just remember one thing, we are not always right. Try to listen first and never judge too fast.