Friday, April 8, 2011


It has been a long long time.
After so long, I thought I have some space to breathe. But somehow, it just seemed like it is never ending. I could not breathe.

I tried to gasp for air. I failed. I tried and tried again.
The result was the same.

Oh wells, I am used to it now, living life failing to gasp for air. No big deal for me. And oh, there is a reason behind why I failed to gasp for air.

By the way, daddy's little girl is going to school again, after for like N years.
New environment, new friends, new housemates, new lecturers, new college, everything is new except... the old me.
The old me that do not feel like talking when I am emo, the old me who like to observe, the old me who will get crazy and noisy, the old me that is... well, there is still a long list to go.

Have been through ups and downs. Erm, down most of the times. I wonder when I will go up again.
Most of the times, it is the small little things that make me feel very disappointed. I mean very very disappointed. There is nothing much I can do. Keep telling myself not to be like that, but it is really hard. I could not control my feelings, I am gonna be so effed up by myself. I could not even say a word when I open my mouth. So forget about it. Keep them all in the safety box, alright girl?

I am just being emotional, again. Blahhh.

Hello blogspot by the way after some time. :P

p.s : It is because the air is not clean anymore.

p.p.s : Whatever.