Tuesday, May 17, 2011

44 days

It has been a month plus since degree life started.

It is neither long nor short, but tonnes of things happened just in this 44 days.
In some matters, I choose not to care so much, not because I do not care, but it is because I really care. iykwim. All I want is everyone to be happy, simple isn't it? But it is hard sometimes. And I do not think it sounds simple now. Somehow, after going through ups and downs, happiness seems to be arriving. I hope life will be peaceful, without worries, at least for the accommodation thingy. Oh wells, looking at the bright side, the bond seems to be stronger. I am loving that. =) Thanks girls.

In this 44 days, I meet people from all walks of life. There is so many things that I did not know till now. I discovered lots of new things. Experienced things that I never experience before. And I guess this is how stages of life change a person. Changed to better or worse? It depends on the people we are mixing with but of course, it depends a lot more on ourselves.

There are some decisions I have to make, important ones, which is so hard for me to decide. Sometimes, I tell myself, it is just a decision, a yes or a no, left or right. What makes me so hard to decide? I am not afraid of anything but the only thing I am afraid of, is making the wrong decision which will involve other people as well. It is totally fine if it is only me to bare the consequences after making the wrong decision, but not the others to bare it. Gahh, I hate this so much. But in the end, decisions have to be made. I hope I will not choose the path that has dead end.

There are so many things which happened out of our expectations. Enjoy every second of our life and appreciate everyone around us. You will never know what is gonna happen the next second.

I am looking forward to the rising of sun every morning because it is telling me that a brand new day is here again.

p.s : I hope I am ready for it.