Friday, September 9, 2011


Standing alone in the 22nd floor balcony, looking at the city, it was like being surrounded by mist. (It is haze actually)
Seeing millions and billions, uncountable drops of rain dropping from the sky to the ground, cool breeze was brushing against my face.
I love the breeze, as always. Love the rain, as it will wash away everything.
And I was thinking... thinking about things that I gone through and going to get through.
I was also thinking, some little matters that made me so sad and disappointed.
And to the extent, where I felt I rather be alone.
I have gone through one small part of my life being alone. Oh wells, that was not really a bad thing.
Besides getting a bit lonely, most of the times, I still enjoyed the time when I was alone, where I do not have to think about others, I do not have to care, I do not give a damn with what others said, nor I will not be affected with what others have done to me.
Oh btw, I am a sensitive person, sentimental too.

I miss being alone.

p.s : I really do.