Sunday, October 9, 2011


Scrolling down the page of facebook, I saw many statuses. One of them remind me about the past. That makes me recall about those silly stuffs and ridiculous ones I did which I thought that I would never feel regret doing them that time.

I tried to forget about the matters, but sometimes they will strike you back. I wish that there is a delete button in our life, just to delete those stuffs and those people that I wanted to forget.

Oh wells, there are too many things that I feel regret in my life.
But there is nothing much I can do now.
All I can do is just move on and let bygones be bygones.
And also, appreciate what I have now. :)

Everyone has their past and it is just a waste of time thinking about them since we are not living in our past. Present is the life we are living in. :)

Of course, if there are great and happy memories in our past, there is no wrong to think about them and cherish them now and also, in the future.

Time to move on. Bygones are bygones.

Cheers! :D

p.s : Thanks for the memorable memories. :)))


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


All these while, I have been patient, respect everyone, trust those that can be trusted, you know, hoping everything will go fine and the world is at peace.

I dislike being the issue, that is why I tried to stay neutral most of the time.
I dislike making people angry, that is why I tried to make people happy and annoy them in a funny way, so that when they are lonely one day, they will think of the silly me and smile. :)
I dislike explaining sometimes as the truth will just hurt everyone, that is why I said nothing all the time.
I dislike unwanted attention (not the kind of attention you are thinking), that is why I seldom tell others what is in my heart.
I dislike bringing troubles to anyone, even my to my dearest, that is why I always say no no, it is okay, no worries.
I dislike letting others know when I am really sad, that is why when people ask me whether I was okay, I always tell them, I am fine and give a smile on my face, which is not from the heart.
I dislike people judging my statement just like that without knowing the real story, that is why I always tell them in face, know the real story before you judge it.
I dislike people misunderstand me with their own judgments but there is nothing much I can do as that is their own problem, that is why I do not give a damn and go on with my life.

All these are just so so random. Oh, and the new layout with the tomatoes background too. Haha.. I wanted my blog to have a new look but I did not know what to do with it. I was obsessed with tomatoes weeks ago, and so you know what happened when I saw the picture.

It is October now. My final is near, very near. That is the time when I die or live. There are so many things to read up and to do. :( I hope the motivation is in me all the time but it seems like it is leaving, and coming back, leaving and coming back to me again. Can't you just stay in me, pleaseee? I have wasted a lot of time today. Sigh.. I hope this will not happen again.

Time to stay away from the social network, which is hard, but nothing is impossible. :)
But of course, I will visit it occasionally, just to update myself with the things happening around me. Ahh, time really flies huh. And I realize I always say the same thing whenever I update my blog. Hah.

Goodbye for now. :)

p.s : You understand everything but not me, yet.