Thursday, February 9, 2012

Windy night

Woooh.. It is already the 40th day in 2012! I still remember the time when I posted my last post. It was just like last week. Time is speeding. And yeah, I am talking about how fast time pass again, like all the other posts. Hah!

The celebration of chinese new year had come to an end, which means that holidays are over for me. Time to get down to serious business, but I am still slacking here and there, I mean everywhere. Ahhh, this is a very bad habit of mine and it is so hard to change.

Chinese new year was earlier this year compared to previous years. Had a peaceful celebration at home. Not much of celebrating, but more on eating and eating, and also eating. Anyhow, for me, chinese new year is just a time of reunion for the big family.

Hmm.. I'm running out of words. Maybe I'm not that type of person that will write everything about our daily life in a blog post. Or you can call me a boring person. I could not afford to share each and everything that happens, some things are meant for us to keep to ourselves.

Time to sleep. It is very windy tonight. I don't know why it makes me feel like, deja vu. Anyway, I love the wind. Have a goodnight sleep, everyone. :)

p.s : How I wish I can see everything clearly as soon as I wake up one day.