Thursday, June 14, 2012

Be contented

I don't know when I had this thought in my mind that I have to change my blog title after my 21st birthday. And yea, the day has come, like finally, and this is it. There is no more daddy's little girl now, but of course, I am still my daddy's girl. :)

Life has not been easy for me. But I know I am not the only one who feel that way. Everyone has their own problems. It has been half a year of hectic time that I am going through. Thanks to those who contributed to my hard times. Without you, I would not learn how to be wiser and smarter in my life. And from all the things I have gone through, I started to realize something very important - trustworthiness. I got to learn that most of the people around me are not trustworthy, even if they are your closest ones. They gave you promises, but they disappoint you over and over again, without having a full stop. I have totally understand the feeling of disappointment where people don't mean what they said and don't keep their promises. The undone things by some people still haunting me day and night, even when I am sleeping I dream of them. Those people never think of how the others feel and also the consequences after getting what they want. Return the things that is not owned by you, son and please grow up. 

Don't get me wrong, of course, there are still people that can be trusted, some of them are not even the close ones. I thank God for these wonderful people. I don't want to be greedy, one or two people around me that are trustworthy is already enough for me. 

Besides, I have learned another thing too - be contented. Some people just cannot get enough of what they have, ie the happiness, love, family, friends, and etc. And some people just like to make themselves sad, disappointed by comparing themselves to the others which they think is better than them a lot. Why do we like to compare? Cause we just don't have enough. Is it true? You are envious of what the others have, envious of their life, etc. But hey, why you want to feel envy about other's people life? Don't you know you are also having a wonderful and lovely life? Stop comparing and be contented. At the very moment you can do that, you are definitely going into a more beautiful life. And do not forget, thank God for everything that you have or whatever that you have gone through, no matter it is good or bad. :)

Hmmm.. Many things are waiting for me to be done. Yea, I mean a lot, but I am still slacking almost every day and minute. Gahh, this is so bad. Exam is less than a month away. Everything passes so fast this year. Time really flies! Yea, I have been saying this all the time. I hope I go through everything smoothly. *fingers crossed* Things will be different after the exam, I am entering into another stage of life, experiencing different things in a new environment. Whether I hope that day will come fast or not, the day will still come. I am not waiting eagerly, nor hoping that the day will come later. I just want to enjoy each and every single moment of my life, right now. :)

I think that is all for now.