Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One month away from home

In a blink of eyes, it has been one month I am away from home. Before that, I was spending my 2 months holiday at home, practically doing nothing much, just spending quality time with my dad, mum and sisters. Man, I am missing those times, missing my family, my home. 

It is pretty hard to have those times again, where all of us can spend time together. So I will appreciate each and every moment at home. 

In this month, it has been so lifeless for me since classes started. I did not get to relax as I used to relax last time. Things are getting more tense and serious. Ahh, I wished I had taken another path. But well, looking at the bright side, I get to be a student for another year and learn more things before I officially step into the real world. 

Anyway, I am blessed to have some people around me which make me less lifeless, haha, and also make me feel like I am at home all time when I am far away from my real home. 😊 


Friday, September 6, 2013

It is time.

Summer holidays have finally come to an end in a blink of eye, it is time to start another new life. Time to face new challenges, meet new and old people, learn a lot of new things, etc.
But I am not mentally prepared yet to do all these things. Hmmm.. I guess I will only be all ready when the time comes where I cannot deny or ignore it anymore. 
I miss my final year in the uni! I wish time would have passed slower when I was there but now it is too late now and it is all over. 
It is gonna be a different tomorrow starting from tonight. Say hi to never ending studies. 


Saturday, June 8, 2013

No steps taken.

There is always a time where you do not know what to do when you are facing a hardship.
Should you change or shouldn't you? Is it time for you to finally make a decision for your own?
Totally clueless.
If you choose not to take any steps, what are the consequences? Will things be the same or will it get worse?
Clueless again.
Do you sometimes hope that you can be mean enough to make all the decisions without thinking of how others feel?
I know you do.

One thing I am sure of is that you will not take any steps further for now. Let's see what happens in the future.

Whatever will be, will be.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


...we have set down a date when to go back home and air tickets are booked! Have been struggling about when to head back. I am happy that things are settled, at least I do not have to worry whether tickets are still available or not, exactly when I am heading back, bla bla bla. I still have 78 days till I go home. Man, it is so fast. :( Part of me cannot wait to go back, but the other part of me does not feel like leaving this place. Time will pass just in a blink of eye. It has been exactly 7 months since I am here. Time is moving fast... *tick tock* 


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Counting down the days.

Just came back from Italy few days ago. The trip was awesome because there were awesome people, awesome food, awesome place, awesome weather, etc. The camera is not here with me now so I could not post any picture of it. The things I will miss the most in Italy are: Gelato! (ice-cream, slurpsss) and the food in Yami Chinese Restaurant in Rome (The portion of the dish is big, and it's yummy! They're also very cheap! *drooling*) Although it was a bit tiring, I had a great time. :)

So after this trip, it is the time to get back to studies. Yeah, my assignments were over and it seemed like I have graduated since then, but there is still one more paper to sit for exam and also a few small tests. I know it is not gonna be easy for the last paper but will try my very best for it. 9th of May will be the day, and after that, my final year will end. Then it is time to go for summer trip AND GET READY TO GO HOME! Gosh, time flies! I still remember the first day when I stepped on the land of the UK. And in less than 3 months time, I will be going home. I cannot wait to go back, not because I am homesick or I do not like this place here, I just cannot wait to go back. Hahaha. But I know one thing for sure, which is that I am going to miss this place, a lot. Everything is going to change when I am back. My life is gonna be different and another new stage of my life will start.

I am appreciating each and every moment I am here now, before I leave this country. Having the chance to study abroad, I really have to thank my parents a lot, especially my dad. Alright, gotta start my work to get ready for the last paper.



Sunday, March 17, 2013


is what I am feeling right now. Having three courseworks to due on the same date is such a headache for people like me. I cannot manage my time well, but the worst thing is that it is freaking hard for me to concentrate on my work! Argh. I have a hard time in focusing when I am studying or doing my coursework. Feel so stressed up for my slow progress. And when I am stressed, I will just throw everything aside. How am I going to finish them like that?

I have a lot of information in my mind in what to write, bla bla, but things changed when I really start my work. I can hardly type out what I have thought of earlier. Argh. Hate it so much. Everything is so messed up now. Sigh.. These are the last courseworks for my final year already. I hope I can do my best, but not expecting anything much, as always.

Note to self: Hang in there! Just one more week to go and they will be gone for good.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

A simple life - key to happiness.

Aww Yeahhh Flowers!!

This cute little thing in the picture made my day! It must be hard for him to get up there to be with the flowers. (Feels like he is in heaven!) Hees.. So adorable! 

Happiness comes with simplicity in life. If by simplifying your life you could enjoy a deeper sense of freedom, peace and happiness, would you want it? But in order to do that, there is a lot of things that you have to let go.

I don't know about you but I would definitely want it. I dislike it when everything becomes so complicated, like in social life, friendships, relationships, work life, etc... They make me fed up all time. So tired of all these.

I hope I can make my life simpler, and just live a happy life without any complications.


Monday, March 4, 2013

It starts with yourself.

Life is so tiring when all you do and think is about caring for others and not hurting them. Sometimes, you have to think about yourself too. Are you happy doing whatever is it just to please others? Did you ever think about your own feelings?

Our life is all about our own first. At least, be good to yourself first before you can be good to everyone else. Take care of your own feelings first before you can care about others. If you are not happy and good yourself, how are you supposed to care about the others? Didn't you just left yourself out in your life? What is the meaning of life when you are not living your life?

Anyway, it does not mean that you have to be selfish, or think for yourself all the time. Please take good care of yourself in every aspect before you care about the others. It is just like a sick person will not be able to take good care of the others, because he is unwell himself.

Remember, everything starts with ourselves.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bella Awards - she sparkles.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to those who voted for my sister, Cheong Jun Hoong in the sports category of the Bella Awards organized by ntv7. This award is to celebrate, recognise, and honour successful women for their great achievement and inspirational contribution to the society.

It was such a surprise to my family that my sister was nominated in this award. We did not have a clue about that until three days before February ends, one of my younger sister's friend told her about it. This award was opened for public voting via sms and online. And so, to show support for my sister, we tried our best to vote for her even if it left only 3 more days. Few of my friends even helped me to spread it around without me asking them to do so. Hmm, well.. I am not really good at asking people to do something like that. Moreover, we all thought that she would not be able to win the award as there were a few famous athletes, for example, Datuk Nicol David who is world no.1 in squash, and Pandelela Rinong who is the bronze medallist in Olympics diving 2012, so I thought that it would not make any difference too whether we vote for her or not.

However, out of everyone's expectation, my sister won the award! None of us expected this. My family and I were dumbfounded when we knew about that. I could not believe it. When I told my sister who knew nothing much about this awards thingy herself, she also could not believe it, cause we really did not expect anything from that. It is not about winning the award, but the supports that our relatives and friends showed towards my sister. Even if she did not get it, my family and I would also like to thank you for those who showed their supports.

Many might think, who is she to win this award? She did not even win anything in Olympics, not world no.1 also, Nicol David or Pandelela should win this. Besides, some people might never heard of her name before. Well, it is normal as she is not an Olympic medallist or what, nothing much about that. I know this might not be something big or what but it was a recognition that might motivate her during her hard times.

She started training for diving since she was nine, representing Perak for any competition. At the age of 13, she left home when she was offered to continue her training in Bukit Jalil, where all the national athletes are. It was definitely not easy for her and other young athletes as well to leave home at this young age and live outside there without their families around and only got to go back home once in a blue moon. Thankfully, she was strong enough to go through that stage.

Things are not as simple as we see them. People always think you're good if you can win medals in competitions, and when you didn't get to win any medals, you're bad. They do not know how much pain and tears those athletes have gone through. My sis had gone through too much of pain and tears to the stage where she would think of giving up. It has been more than 10 years she is in this, and to give up at this point, it would be a waste which everyone might think so too. However, it might be a relief for her, who knows.

My sister's face is 'cool' when she does not smile. Many people think that she is very dull, strict, not friendly, arrogant bla bla bla just because the way she looks. The main thing is that, she seldom smiles. :( Every time I asked her to smile more, she told me that she did not have a reason to smile and plus, she hates to fake her smile, so she chose not to do anything about it. Sigh.. It was such a pain for me when I heard that there is no reason for her to smile. Besides, she has a very low self esteem though many of you might not think so. No one knows what she has gone through all these years. Things must be very hard for her. Hmm, there are things that I know but I am not going to talk about it here. Well, it was all about 'politics' issue.

Throughout these years, she had suffered pain all over her body, her legs, hands, everywhere you could think of, went through surgery where she missed one of the important games, had numerous injections to stop her back pain. Her back hurts all the time, after consulting doctor and did some x-ray, ct-scan, etc, it was found there were a few cracks on her back bone. Yea, it was her back bone. To reduce the pain, she has to quit diving though the cracks would still be there. However, she chose to go on. Slowly, she got used to the pain and has stopped consuming pain killers.

I think I have to stop here, if not it will be a never ending post. Btw, I am not boasting or whatever about my sister. These are just what I wanted to express. She will kill me if she ever find out this post cause she is a very low profile person. She does not want to attract any attention. Sometimes she hopes to be invisible cause some people do not care about her existence.

No matter what happens, to my family and I, she is always our pride and our dearest. Be strong in every sense, sis! You are not alone! Remember that your family would always be there for you no matter what happens. You will always have our support and we appreciate you a lot! And don't forget, you sparkle in our eyes! *winks* With love. <3 p="">


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Things don't always happen...

the way you plan them, or the way you want them to be.

There is so many things that we wanted it to happen in particular ways, but things would end up the other way round, sometimes they would be out of our expectations. It is not that we cannot have plans or anything in our life, it is just that, we will never know what will happen in the future.

Don't be too sure of something, cause if you do, that would probably pull you down from the climax of your life.

Maybe you would think there is a hidden meaning in it, but see, it actually applies to everything in our life, no matter they are small or big matters, if only you realize.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Insufficient time?

It has been ages since I last updated my blog. I miss writing. Missing those times when I have the time to sit down in front of the laptop, with some thoughts that I wanted to express through writing a blog post. 

Life as a law a student is not easy, there is so many things to do and to read, bla bla bla. But I am not as hardworking as other students, sad to say. I am slacking too much! I know I should learn from them. :( 

There is something I really want to write about since ages ago. I remember I received a message from a young lady who contacted me through facebook, who wished that I would write a blog post about friend. So coincidently, that was exactly what I wanted to do. Gahhh, but I haven't got the time yet so far. There is so many things that I wanted to express. Hmm...

Just few more months, and I will be back to M'sia. Time is passing so fast! Can't wait to go back but I will miss the time here for sure. Cherishing each and every moment here before I go back for good. :) Going to work hard (hopefully) for the last few assignments for now. Till then.