Sunday, March 17, 2013


is what I am feeling right now. Having three courseworks to due on the same date is such a headache for people like me. I cannot manage my time well, but the worst thing is that it is freaking hard for me to concentrate on my work! Argh. I have a hard time in focusing when I am studying or doing my coursework. Feel so stressed up for my slow progress. And when I am stressed, I will just throw everything aside. How am I going to finish them like that?

I have a lot of information in my mind in what to write, bla bla, but things changed when I really start my work. I can hardly type out what I have thought of earlier. Argh. Hate it so much. Everything is so messed up now. Sigh.. These are the last courseworks for my final year already. I hope I can do my best, but not expecting anything much, as always.

Note to self: Hang in there! Just one more week to go and they will be gone for good.


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