Saturday, April 13, 2013

Counting down the days.

Just came back from Italy few days ago. The trip was awesome because there were awesome people, awesome food, awesome place, awesome weather, etc. The camera is not here with me now so I could not post any picture of it. The things I will miss the most in Italy are: Gelato! (ice-cream, slurpsss) and the food in Yami Chinese Restaurant in Rome (The portion of the dish is big, and it's yummy! They're also very cheap! *drooling*) Although it was a bit tiring, I had a great time. :)

So after this trip, it is the time to get back to studies. Yeah, my assignments were over and it seemed like I have graduated since then, but there is still one more paper to sit for exam and also a few small tests. I know it is not gonna be easy for the last paper but will try my very best for it. 9th of May will be the day, and after that, my final year will end. Then it is time to go for summer trip AND GET READY TO GO HOME! Gosh, time flies! I still remember the first day when I stepped on the land of the UK. And in less than 3 months time, I will be going home. I cannot wait to go back, not because I am homesick or I do not like this place here, I just cannot wait to go back. Hahaha. But I know one thing for sure, which is that I am going to miss this place, a lot. Everything is going to change when I am back. My life is gonna be different and another new stage of my life will start.

I am appreciating each and every moment I am here now, before I leave this country. Having the chance to study abroad, I really have to thank my parents a lot, especially my dad. Alright, gotta start my work to get ready for the last paper.



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