Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One month away from home

In a blink of eyes, it has been one month I am away from home. Before that, I was spending my 2 months holiday at home, practically doing nothing much, just spending quality time with my dad, mum and sisters. Man, I am missing those times, missing my family, my home. 

It is pretty hard to have those times again, where all of us can spend time together. So I will appreciate each and every moment at home. 

In this month, it has been so lifeless for me since classes started. I did not get to relax as I used to relax last time. Things are getting more tense and serious. Ahh, I wished I had taken another path. But well, looking at the bright side, I get to be a student for another year and learn more things before I officially step into the real world. 

Anyway, I am blessed to have some people around me which make me less lifeless, haha, and also make me feel like I am at home all time when I am far away from my real home. 😊 


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  1. All the best with clp exam nxt month